Mr. Kengo Miyata
Owner chef of Trattoria La Roccaforte Kumamoto

Chef Owner or Trattoria La Roccaforte Kumamoto. Trained at an Italian restaurant in the Tokyo, before moving to Italy in 2005.

During his stay in Italy, he toured many major ingredient-producing regions across Italy and learnt a variety of cooking styles, from restaurants, high class hotels to traditional home cooking. In 2015, he entered the national Solleone Cup culinary competition and won third place. He received praise from the Italian Consul General.


“In many famous Italian restaurant kitchen, you can see soy sauce on the shelves alongside tomato sauce and anchovies. In addition to enhancing flavor, the dark color of the soy sauce also provides a visual impact to the dish.

At Roccaforte, we created many unique flavors to pair perfectly with wines through fusion of Italian cuisines and Japanese soy sauce.”