Mr. Shigetaka Hayashi
Chinese Cuisine
Owner chef of the 'Chugoku Saikan Hayashi' in Fukuoka

Owner chef of the Chugoku Saikan Hayashi in Fukuoka Prefecture.

With training for a year at a hotel in Hong Kong, he taught for 20 years at the TSUJI Culinary Institute, one or the finest schools or its type in Japan, teaching more than 20,000 students from all across the world.

His Chinese cuisine, centered in Hayashi-style arrangements to Cantonese cuisine made with the intention of better suiting the delicate sensibilities of the Japanese, has achieved wide-ranging support and brings in many fans from across Japan.


“An aroma and flavor fostered by 200 years of history brings out the best in all ingredients.

Selecting the correct soy sauce from the wide and varied selection on offer to match the cooking methods and ingredients being used will make each dish even more delicious, and lead to a wide range or possible variants and developments.”