A masterful work of art made with superb quality koji combined with the expertise of experienced brewmasters.

Behind the observation of strict brewing standards and time-tested techniques passed down by generations is a tenuous commitment to the tradition of soy sauce making.

More than simply fermenting koji mold, the brewmaster devotes his senses to the process, enlivening it. Like one full of soul, the textures and flavours of soy sauce are intertwined with the brewer’s knowledge and expertise, to create a masterful blend that enlightens the heart while it tantalises the tastebuds.

Raw Ingredients

Superior soy beans and wheat high in protein, mineral rich salt and natural groundwater from Kumamoto are the premium ingredients at the very heart of superior soy sauce making.

Koji mold

An indispensable process in Japanese soy sauce making since ancient times, soybeans steamed in stone chambers are mixed with aromatically roasted wheat, before being sprinkled with soy sauce koji mold for propagation. The traditional process takes about 3 days and is fully accomplished by hand under the expertise of brewmasters.

Fermentation & maturation

Mixing rice malt with saltwater produces unrefined soy sauce mash. After a period of at least 180 days of ageing, enzymatic activity in the mash produces a distinctive taste, aroma and color unique to soy sauce.

Pressing & squeezing

Wrapping moromi (the fermented and matured soy sauce mash) in cloth, prolonged squeezing and pressing yields a beautiful, clear soy sauce.

Heating & filtering

The filtered soy sauce is made to sit for 4 days, after which it undergoes heating and filtering to stop enzymatic activity. The stability of the end product is tested to ensure optimal colour, aroma and taste.